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a project by Andrea Mi
in collaboration with Intooitiv
a Fabbrica Europa production

City Mix is a project configured as a journey among the "Hot Spots" of contemporary electronic creativity, in those cities which by nature and vocation are the hot spots of artistic merging and propulsive junctions on a constantly expanding map. In the ever-widening panorama of the arts and electronic mixmedial experiences, some towns more than others seem able to collect, motivate and give space to productive energies which put together research, experimentation and production quality, tracing a new outline of European culture under the sign of digital sharing and networking.

The journey can start from nowhere but Florence, in whose undergrowth new energies and project creations spring up, well able to win a place on the ever more crowded European scene, moving through far-sighted Holland with its avant-garde cities such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam, stopping in Cologne, German epicentre of the culture club, and finishing in a night of "full immersion" in the new nightlife of London.

As part of the project there will be also the installation Iceberg by Ciboideale, especially conceived for the Leopolda Station square: an ephemeral work that will be visible only the opening day (May 3rd), a video projection  on an ice block that will slowly thaw.
The programme will also be enriched by the sonorizations of URBANsoundWORK, a project by Radio Papesse that involves radio producers, musicians and sound researchers.  


in collaboration with
Sound Architecture and Rotterdam Electronic Music Festival

Since some years Rotterdam plays at international level a central role in the world of the electronic research thanks to a huge net of clubs (the urban Now & Wow, the eclectic Bumb and the innovative Waterfront), to some worldwide known dj (Speedy J, Steve P, Steim), and to prestigious label and stages. The two most important festivals are the Rotterdam Electronic Music Festival for clubbing (with conference, fairs, exhibitions, workshops and 200 electro, house, techhouse, deephouse, hip hop, nujazz, minimal performances ) and the Dutch Electronic Art Festival for experimental music, in which the V2 - Institute for the Unstable Media investigates the questions related to art, technology, science and society with a huge programme of concerts, performances, seminars, workshops. 
Further important events of the cotemporary Rotterdam are the North Sea Jazz Festival, the largest indoor festival in the world (with 1200 musicians and 13 stages) and the FFWD Dance Parade (Dutch version of the Love Parade).

LITERON aka GERD (Fortek, Ec records, Novamute)_ live
Literon aka Gerd is one of the explosive talent of the Dutch scene. Right-hand-man of Speedy J in the series Collabs 200 for successful dancefloor techno productions, he takes the name of Gerd when he decides to produce an eclectic sound that can be called future soul. In the hit parades of a lot of countries he is known as the author of hits such as Arkest's Blazeand and cult albums like This Touch Is Greater Than Moods. He has collaborated with the most important dance protagonists of the last ten years: among others, Tom Middleton, Kirk DeGiorgio, Leftfield's, Future Sound of London, Fila Brazillia. Very impressive is the list of his remix for Koop, Terry Callier, Jazzanova, Zuco 103... Among their principal supporters there are Tiefschwarz, Steve Bug, Richie Hawtin and Alter Ego.

MONICA ELECTRONICA (Petrol) _ dj set
Emma Baas aka Monica Electronica was born in 1978 in Delft. Coming from a musical family, Emma was collecting vinyls at a young age. During her study she bought two old recordplayers, borrowed a mixer from a friend and threw parties at home.
From 2002 she became more active as a dj. She started playing in several famous clubs in The Netherlands, and played at Duth festivals: Awakenings, Lowlands, FFWD Danceparade and Dance Valley.
In 2004 Monica started to travel around to spin the weels with international gigs in Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg, UK, Russia, China, Switzerland, and in june 2005 she made her first tour through Russia for 5 weeks. Together with  Josz Le Bon she created the project The Infamous Mudclub.
Her absolutely feminine and particular style gives her sets a big energy, coming from eclectic references to the electronic dance

Mediaontwerpers is a group of young multimedia artists, founded by Ian Cassels, Aron den Boer and Rutger Verspeek with the aim to build interactive installations mixing visual art, sound and interaction design. Each member of the group has his specific specialization: Ian is a computer and electronic technician, Aaron is a visual artist and Rutger is a 3D technician.
With various hardware sensors, other interactive tools and a significant dose of weird humour as ingredients a Mediaontwerpers production never fits, but always surpasses the expectations. Mediaontwerpers themselves produces every single item including the hardware, the stories the performance and the visuals. The only objective is to please the audience during the party's with it's interactive installations.

The event  is also part of the programme of the 2nd edition of Olandiamo?, festival of Dutch arts and creativity, organized by the Dutch University Institute for Art History in Florence (NIKI) and the Cultural Office of the Netherlands Embassy in Rome, on the occasion of the 50 years of the activity of the Institute.


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Stazione Leopolda
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10/05/2008 23:00