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national premiere

collective creation: Teatro Sotterraneo
on stage: Iacopo Braca, Sara Bonaventura, Matteo Ceccarelli, Claudio Cirri
dramaturgical elaboration: Daniele Villa
lighting plan: Roberto Cafaggini
costumes: Lydia Sonderegger
promotion: Elena Lamberti
production: Teatro Sotterraneo, Fondazione Pontedera Teatro - 4 Cantieri per Fabbrica Europa
coproduction: Centrale FIES, Festival Armunia Costa degli Etruschi,
Festival es.terni '08 - project Dimora Fragile
                                                                 Fies Factory One
within the project 4 Cantieri Teatrali per Fabbrica Europa

Space just as it is, with no accessories. An emptying.
A stage mechanism that expands and retracts, pervading the places. An invasion.
A presentation of hyperactivity. The body that gives all, continually doing something, onstage the doing in order to do, do2, do3, overdo, overhandle. For you.
The lights go on. The crowd amalgamates. Movement starts, any movement, anything so that someone does something, even if it is only waiting to do something - a continual bracing of muscles and nerves, a search for an extreme condition. La Cosa 1 (The Thing 1) is the event, but it is also the moment immediately afterwards, when you stop, exhausted, saturated: La Cosa 1, however, goes ahead, repeats, insists, starts moving again, dashes, does.
A study on effort and the power that peters out, on the condition of a body that starts out cool and fresh and holds on when there is nothing left.
Do a certain thing and then present a copied 'me' incapable of holding on.
The end replaced by the sequel. Always, in any way, something more than nothing.

Teatro Sotterraneo
Teatro Sotterraneo is a theatrical research collective group, set up in 2004; it includes Sara Bonaventura (performer), Iacopo Braca (performer), Matteo Ceccarelli (performer), Claudio Cirri (performer) and Daniele Villa (dramaturg).
Each production of the group sets out focusing in a field of formal investigation, accompanied by the selection and shared study of ad hoc materials from resources which may even be remote, counterpoised by contamination: performing art, visual art, videoart, cinema, literature, dramaturgy, graphics, design, videogames, music, pop culture.
The first year's work, spent mainly on the construction of a shared working method, led to important national recognition: 11/10 in apnea, the group's first production, entered the Generation of the Scenario Prize 2005. From autumn 2005 to summer 2006 the Teatro Sotterraneo produced 100°C: cose di Andersen; uno - il corpo del condannato, a work for a solo performer on detention; 100°C, microperformance inspired by H.C. Andersen's work; 3 agosto 2005; dagli 11 metri e + o - (più o meno). In autumn 2006 Teatro Sotterraneo worked with the Canadian director Jillian Keiley in the Intercity Toronto '06 festival, producing the show Tilt.
During the same period the group produced Se hai un dubbio chiama il 113. At the beginning of 2007 Teatro Sotterraneo started the elaboration of Post-it, a production presented in various forms and in numerous contexts, among which the Teatro della Limonaia of Sesto Fiorentino, the Festival Prato Contemporanea '07, Inequilibrio '07, Italia Wave and Drodesera>Centrale Fies. In November 2007 the group started on the creation of two new works, Suite in collaboration with Luca Scarlini, and La Cosa 1.





luogo data inizio orario
Stazione Leopolda
(Spazio Alcatraz)
20/05/2008 20:00 € 10
Stazione Leopolda
(Spazio Alcatraz)
21/05/2008 20:00 € 10