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Letizia Renzini aka dj Molli
ft Roberta Wjm Andreucci

Live set

As the continuation and integration of the show Dei Secoli. Ubuntu Rehearsal #1 which she directed, Letizia Renzini's dj-concert set-happening is to centre on improvisation and interplay, on the construction of a "collective sound body" with guest star the Florentine dj and producer Roberta WJM Andreucci of Burp Enterprises.
An encounter between consoles and a sound that mixes electronics, free jazz and beat, summarised in Renzini's recent visuals production.

Letizia Renzini aka dj Molli, born in 1970, works in audios, videos and performances focusing her research on the differences between the analogical and the digital and on the expressive and evocative potentials of sound-voice-body.
An experimenter in electronic music, she has belonged to the TIMET research group since 1999 and has been a candidate for the Milan, Turin and Furla Art Prize.
Dj, videoartist, singer and performer with a series of exhibitions and of collaboration with research artists and companies (from Virgilio Sieni to Romeo Castellucci) to her credit, she has also taken part in the South African review of electronic music by women Turntab'Elles (in Johannesburg and Cape Town) with Elisa Do Brasil, Manon, Dj Girl, Bexs on Decks, Miss Red and SoulSista. 

place start date time
Stazione Leopolda
(Sala Musica)
04/05/2008 23:00