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Ardù(ina), Italian jazz singer, has toured the Europe of discotheques since the Nineties, passing among others from the Pacha to the Space and the Amnesia of Ibiza, from the Tenax of Florence and the Echoes of Riccione to the Ministry of Sound of London, and working with the world's greatest dj's, from Tony Hamphries to Coccoluto, from Ralf to Alex Neri to Leo Mas.
Her "powerful presence" and intense voice make her one of the most interesting vocalists of the Old Continent.
In 2001 she published a collection of erotic ballads entitled Ossessione d'amore (Malatempora ed.) with a preface by Antonio Veneziani, one of the most representative poets of the Rome school, the author of Torbida Innocenza, I Mignotti and Brown Sugar.
Veneziani describes Ardù's work for us: "The poet, writer and singer Ardù comes from the 'cursed Italian' tradition that has Paolo Conte as its sweet sufferer of the provinces, De Andrè as the anarchic bard and Guccini as the last of the Sixty-Eight generation, eternal Eschimo; but Ardù is the present. She has fathers, brothers, very few sisters, no putative mothers. In these ballads Ardù laughs, weeps, suffers and exults, but above all she savours. And she places centrally her sexual pleasure (her pain) with no hypocrisy, no mediation. All in all she confirms the old unforgettable Baudelaire of the diaries when she affirms that sex is the lyricism of the people".


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