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Presentation of the boook
Cantos y Esploraciones: caminos de Teatro-Danza
by Susana Zimmermann

with Eugenia Casini Ropa
Professor of History of the Dance at DAMS of Bologna

Susana Zimmermann
Choreographer, dance pedagogue, director of several theatre and dance companies, professor of philosophy and pedagogy, Susana Zimmermann has been a professional dancer of classical and contemporary dance, studying with masters such as Mercedes Quintana and Renatte Schottelius in Argentina and working with internationally acclaimed choreographers such as Kurt Joos, Mary Wigman, Dore Hoyer, Harald Kreutzberg in Germany, and Maurice Béjart in Belgium.
During her career she has created around seventy performances of ballet, contemporary dance, theatre, opera, in several countries in the world. Between '62 and'68 she was among the members of the Asociación Amigos de la Danza of the Teatro Municipal General San Martín (Argentina) as a dancer and choreographer. During these years her activity has also developed through other projects, including the creation and direction, together with Oscar Aráiz and Ana Labat,  of the Ballet de Hoy, whose performances are represented throughout Argentina until 1968. She has also been the director of the Laboratory of Dance of the Institute Torcuato Di Tella, beginning an important work of avant-garde and experimentation developed until 1970.
In the period between 1971 and 1975, her work has had a turning point toward the multidisciplinarity, with artistic experiences that merged arts, visual arts and multimedia.
Since'76 she has worked in Europe as choreographer and as teacher of dancers, actors and opera singers. She took part as invited choreographer in several Italian festivals (Festival of Bolzano, Festival D'Autunno of Como, Festival of Trulli, International Dance Festival of Florence, etc) and she curated theatrical projects for the Teatro Comunale in Florence, the Teatro della Villa dei Leoni, the Carnival of Venice, the International Meeting of Choreographers in Geneva and the Choreographic Competition of Lyon.
She has created a personal methodology for the training of dancers, actors and opera and she has worked as a teacher in courses and workshops for professionals of the performing arts in several countries. She has also written numerous books on the subject, including El Laboratorio de Danza y Movimiento Creativo, published in 1983.
From 1984 to 1990, as a consultant for the dance of the Argentine Ministry of Culture, she was responsible for dance at the Teatro Nacional Cervantes in Buenos Aires. In these years she has also founded and directed the Ballet Argentino de Cámara, and she was among the proposers of the law project for the Argentine Ballet Nacional.
During hes career she has received numerous awards, scholarships and invitations from institutions and artistic and cultural organizations in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Spain, France, Greece, Netherlands, Israel, Italy, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden and Uruguay.

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