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voice: Serena Altavilla
guitar and voice: Mirko Maddaleno
bass guitar: Duccio Burberi
drums: Graziano Ridolfo

in collaboration with Rex Cafè

The Baby Blue came into existence in September 2004. In their first year they reached the final of the Controradio Rock Contest and they recorded two demos: the first with the help of Andrea Franchi and the second together with Andrea Orlandini and Saverio Lanza.  In March 2006 they opened Paolo Benvegnù's concert at the Magnolia in Milan while in June of the same year they took part in the MI AMI festival organised by Rockit and were chosen to play on the second stage of the Heineken Jammin' Festival. In July they performed on the Psycho Stage of Arezzo Wave, entering the official compilation of the festival with River, and they won the FAWI (Fondazione Arezzo Wave Italia) as the best group of 2006. In December, with the aid of the FAWI, they recorded an EP with six pieces at the Bunkerhaus Recording Studios of Florence with the artistic production of Paolo Benvegnù and they started the Lucky Brand Jeans Free Tour 2006, promoted by Komart and supported by Rolling Stone, RDS and All Music. The tour included performances in places such as the Circolo degli Artisti of Rome, the Velvet of Rimini and the Hiroshima Mon Amour of Turin. In the same period they played in Turin on the occasion of the University Games for the Casa Universiade Wave and in Florence in support of Micah P. Hinson. In March 2007 they performed in Bilbao for the Bilbo-Rock European Contest and in the summer they played as guests in the first edition of Italia Wave, for the second time taking part in the official festival compilation. In January 2008 they started recordings for their first disk to be ready in the spring.

Changing and unpredictable, the Baby Blue are everything Italian Rock could desire. On their part, a masterly return to the roots of the genre [...]. It is difficult to give a good idea of the Baby Blue through words alone, as difficult as it is not to fall in love with them the first time you hear them. [...] The best of fortune is for them a certainty rather than a wish.
Alessandro Ballini in "Kronic "(http://www.kronic.it/)

[...] all the cursus honorum that a talented band can hope to follow in Italy. We underline talented: this is the strong point of a band like the Baby Blue, not the accessibility or the belonging to genres linked to passing fashions. Talent, and a good deal of perseverance.
Valerio Minelli su "Losingtoday" (http://www.losingtoday.com/)

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Stazione Leopolda
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11/05/2008 23:00