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national premiere

project, choreography and dance:
Alessandro Carboni
generative code: Riccardo Mantelli
walker and urban trajectories:
Lorenzo Tripodi
sound landscape: Danilo Casti
assistant: Elena Morando
organisation: Alessia Meloni

in collaboration with:
Marta Anatra, Silvia Bottiroli, Antonella Sanna,
Barbara Cadeddu, Valentina Saiu, WBNR- Laboratorio su densità e
trasformazione urbana e WBNR- CCI Cantiere di Creazione Infantile

production: N.P.A Officina Ouroboros 08

within Moving_Movimento
a project by Fabbrica Europa; Festival Santarcangelo dei Teatri, Santarcangelo; Giardino Chiuso / Teatro dei Leggieri, San Gimignano; Officina Giovani / Cantieri Culturali ex Macelli, Prato; Assessorato alla Cultura e alle Politiche Giovanili del Comune di Prato

supported by:
Central Saint Martin's University of Art - Londra
Dipartimento Architettura - Università di Cagliari
Conservatorio di Cagliari "L. Palestrina"
Associazione ArCoEs -Cagliari

is the second phase of a three year research project ABQ: from quad to zero.  The project is a wide research around body and city, around an organism, a double mutant system in which cohabit deformated territories, structural glitches, uncontrollated codes. They create new dynamic maps of places in continuous  transformation. Through a creation of a work Platform, several reseachers will work to the application of a method of analysis and composition for choreography focused on a specific urban contest of the city and of a theatre stage, in which the performance will take place.
Proceeding analytically from space in its different typologies, from the territory of the body, the flows, dynamics, agents and movements of which it is composed are quantified and codified.
The process of exploration and generation of the flows is assigned to the dancers who, through data collection systems such as GPS, motion capture, sensors interact in real time with diverse spatial levels: town, scene, body, machine.
The aim is to elaborate a single system of choreographical composition capable of interpolating all the collected data to be returned in the form of choreographical instructions.

WBNR is an immeasurable choreography between body and territory, an exploration in the city and the body, re-imagining new modalities of analysis and paths of investigations in order to reflect about  the anthropological and social-cultural transformations of the individual, and how technology, infrastructures, palaces and people are organized in the contemporary urban space.

Alessandro Carboni
Multi-disciplinary artist, he shares his different expertise between exploration of the body and movement and the relation with space. For a number of years his work has concentrated on the study of an original method of choreographical composition on the basis of mathematics and the systems theory. He teaches "Methodology and Performance Practice" at Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design in London, while at the same time working as choreographer and dancer with OOFFOURON/N.P.A. Officina Ouroboros, with which he has worked on a number of projects among which Epigenesi. Ovvero la finzione e il paradosso del sistema (2004), Dock.cod (2005), Anagenesi. Etimo (2005) and ABQ (2007).


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Officina Giovani
15/05/2008 21:00 free
Officina Giovani
16/05/2008 21:00 free