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A meeting about the
Casa Laboratorio per le Arti del Teatro

the actors of the Brazilian group, Cacà Carvalho, Roberto Bacci, Carla Pollastrelli,
Marcio Medina, Francesca Della Monica, Massimo Verdastro.
The Assessor for the International Cooperation of the Regione Toscana Massimo Toschi has also been invited.

The Casa Laboratorio per le Arti del Teatro di São Paulo is five years old. The project started from an artistic collaboration going back nearly twenty years between Cacà Carvalho and the Fondazione Pontedera Teatro in order to bridge the gap between a theatrical centre from a small town such as Pontedera and São Paolo in Brazil.
The idea of the Casa Laboratorio per le Arti del Teatro embodies the wish to create a space for training, artistic and cultural production and the interchange of works and experience within the arts of the theatre. This challenge is creative, productive and organisational. It is also an idea for collaboration among Institutions and, in this context, the support of the SESC São Paolo and the International Cooperation Sector of the Tuscany Region are a good example.


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Stazione Leopolda
(Spazio Incontri)
15/05/2008 17:00 free