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Encounter/seminar curated by Alessandro Carboni/OOFFOURO-N.P.A Officina Ouroboros

Taking part:

Alessandro Carboni: Informal tracks and orders: methodology, means and practice of research of WBNR

Enrico Pitozzi: Perception and sismographies of presence

Riccardo Mantelli: Generative code and algorhythm psycogeography

Lorenzo Tripodi: Cinematic space: some observations on the renewed relation between body and city in globalisation

Viviana Gravano: Trajectories. Active landscapes

Annalisa Sacchi: On memory: from the ars memorandi to cerebral maps

Elena Morando: The map of the individual: systems for exploration, destructuralisation and creation of new territories

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Officina Giovani
17/05/2008 11:00 free