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a project by Andrea Mi
in collaboration with Intooitiv
a Fabbrica Europa production

City Mix is a project configured as a journey among the "Hot Spots" of contemporary electronic creativity, in those cities which by nature and vocation are the hot spots of artistic merging and propulsive junctions on a constantly expanding map. In the ever-widening panorama of the arts and electronic mixmedial experiences, some towns more than others seem able to collect, motivate and give space to productive energies which put together research, experimentation and production quality, tracing a new outline of European culture under the sign of digital sharing and networking.

The journey can start from nowhere but Florence, in whose undergrowth new energies and project creations spring up, well able to win a place on the ever more crowded European scene, moving through far-sighted Holland with its avant-garde cities such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam, stopping in Cologne, German epicentre of the culture club, and finishing in a night of "full immersion" in the new nightlife of London.

As part of the project there will be also the installation Iceberg by Ciboideale, especially conceived for the Leopolda Station square: an ephemeral work that will be visible only the opening day (May 3rd), a video projection  on an ice block that will slowly thaw.
The programme will also be enriched by the sonorizations of URBANsoundWORK, a project by Radio Papesse that involves radio producers, musicians and sound researchers.  

in collaboration with Refugium Records, Beat Boutique 
In this moment, in the electronic music production, almost no country offers a range of styles comparable to that of Germany. The cities and the regions between the northern Flensburg and the southern Friedrichshafen have today a huge independent scene including all the creative chain of production with many small labels, clubs, a net of important festivals and events (like c/o pop - Cologne on pop), a remarkable multimedia net of magazines (Spex, De.bug, Groove) and a considerable number of internet forum.
Cologne is also considered the capital of the electronic avant-garde, since the researches by Herbert Eimert and Karlheinz Stockhausen until Can, Kraftwerk and Cluster and the techno revolution in the late '80s.

ADA (Areal records) _ live
Michaela Dippel, aka Ada, started her musical career as a singer in a rock band back in 1994. As the band slowly incorporated synthesizers and samplers into their repertoire, Ada too started exploring electronic music. Whilst already receiving acclaim for her remix work, it was her debut release 'Blindhouse' that signalled there was much to look forward to from Ada. Skip ahead to late 2004, Ada's debut artist album Blondie is released. The ten sumptuous mini-symphonies of synth-pop, techno and omnipotent minimal sounds further Ada as part of the nouvelle vague.
Her performance at the Barcelona Sonar 2005 has been acclaimed as one of the best of the festival.
Ada's music sounds fresh and oozes a contemporary Cologne sheen but it's also warm and endearingly retro in its embrace of timeless song structures and analog tools.

KERNES (Refugium / Beat Boutique) _ dj set
Kernes, in spite of his youth, is one of the protagonists of the musical scene of Cologne. He is  musical journalist, resident dj for the one-night Beat Boutique and art director of the label Refugium, a label which through a work of scouting aims  to bring in more openness and flexibility the Cologne nightlife scene and to support stylistic open young producers giving them the possibility to represent themselves.
In his eclectic sets Kernes combines minimal, deephouse, techhouse, oldskool electro and funky breaks.

LICHTFRONT VJ'S (Cologne) _ vj set
Lichtfront is a designers collective group based in Cologne. They did their first visual remix in collaboration with Miss Kittin in 2001. After broadcast on Germany's music television station VIVA 2, the great response pushed the group to go further and improve their graphic skills towards live Vjing with the aim to interpret sounds directly through unique images and intensify the overall impact of their live events.
Lichtfront VJ's are invited to play all over the world, from the biggest music festivals in Europe like Fib Benicássim, Monegros Desert Festival, Nature One, Mayday, the Love Parade, Timewarp and Creamfields Andalucia to Asian hot-spots such as Zoukout Singapore, Cream Manila and Winterlove Taiwan. They play visual sets for DJ Hell, Miss Kittin, Carl Cox, Paul van Dyk, Sven Väth, Tiga, 2Many DJ's, Turntablerocker, Kompakt artists, Vitalic, David Caretta, Moguai, Deep Dish, Paul van Dyk, Digitalism, Alter Ego, Alexander Kowalski and many more.


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Stazione Leopolda
(Sala Musica)
17/05/2008 23:00 € 12 (drink included)
The ticket allows also to attend ROOTS&ROUTES A_MAZE