Fabbrica europa
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A study in (approximately) three minutes
for a single spectator

with Antonio, Beatriz, Bruno,
Emma, Gilda, Gino, Giulia,
M.me Margaut, Poyraz, Vassilli

and with guest star Raphael

Tangiers is a place and belongs to a geography of glances.
It weaves its happening in the modesty of facts, in the evidence of objects and bodies. Basically, it is always a question of entering a place, creating a place, accessing, enabling, re-discovering, forgetting a place.
Of recognising a place, transplanted and focalised, suspended, cut into the daily flow of the concatenation of events.

One spectator at a time spends the duration of a single song by Billy Holiday in a night club, frequented by a dozen customers, in a vaguely turn-of-the-century revisitation, with an aftertaste of contemporary nightmare.

This is research on a theatre made of ambiences and presences, where the perspective of vision follows the angularity of detail and partiality, of penumbra and glimpses. Performance as the synonym of experience, of a crossing-over and of danger. Action as the dynamics of necessity.
Many details, the set-up of interiors, a theatricality tending towards zero, nothing intrusive, a dozy restlessness, a good deal of work on the "Karst", on beauty and on dancing in a twosome. A study that is grafted and developed in a different way each time in relation to the possibilities offered by the place and the architecture in which it is housed.

Fosca came into being in 2006 and was set up as an Association in February 2008; different artists and novices collaborate in its various initiatives, each linked to specific features of the opera.
Caterina Poggesi is Artistic Director of the Theatre Section.
The Fosca project is in fact a network of on-going definition that targets the creation of spaces for reflection in art and contemporary culture. Its chosen dimension is performance, or in any case live performance in the arts, so far favouring non-theatrical spaces with limited visibility. The project originates in and recognises a sort of continuity with reality and experiences of research theatre and the organisation of cultural events within Tuscan metropolitan territory (Gogmagog, Anonimascena, E+perform).
Fosca is not intended as a formation of people, but a network of collaboration projects, in a continuous interchange of subjects, languages, territories and different disciplines. It is a mental space that finds expression in concrete actions within artistic and linguistic research on contemporary life, engaging in a cross-section of culture, education, socialisation and human sciences. It is a project on creation, production and the artistic promotion of shows, laboratories, events, study periods, exhibitions, publications and radio broadcasts.






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