Fabbrica europa
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national premiere

creation and direction: Silvia Rampelli
dance: Alessandra Cristiani, Andreana Notaro, Silvia Rampelli
lighting: Gianni Staropoli
props: Luca Servino
production: Habillé d'eau, Teatro Furio Camillo, Fondazione Pontedera Teatro -
4 Cantieri per Fabbrica Europa
coproduction: ZTL-pro

within the 4 Cantieri Teatrali per Fabbrica Europa project

The performance practice of Habillé d'eau involves an explanation of a theoretical interrogation level on the elements merging the act of being present and, in parallel, the elaboration of an imaginative nucleus, which actually verifies and substantiates the query posed, through the identification of a specific form and a structure of composition.
For over a year the time-material, as a demonstrable object in itself, has been the focal point of research.
The front is a radical figure/background inversion where time becomes figure and substance becomes background.

Apparently focused on the epiphany of time, in the great negative left by the withdrawal of substance, the place of Stato Secondo is actually the non-measurable threshold of the flow/use of the duration.
The persistence of the identical generates a fluctuation that blurs the notion of identity.
Minimal units, capable of showing the constitutive process of being up to the point of saturation and fragmentation. 
It is the spectator who will realise that the happening rewinds upon itself like an untrustworthy tape, perverting traits and measures. Counting backwards is useless: no succession is equivalent to its inverse. Further structuralisation of an acknowledgement of time that aspires, in the end, to the absolute symmetry of the unfinished.
Habillé d'eau 
Since 1990 Silvia Rampelli has been investigating her own experience of presence in performance, focusing reflection on the human factor as an aesthetic-cognitive object. In 2002 she re-founded Habillé d'eau in Italy - after the previous experience with Masaki Iwana and Yoko Muronoi in France - in order to undertake totally independent research on the nature of the act. Alessandra Cristiani, Andreana Notaro, Francesca Proia and Elisabetta di Terlizzi joined the project. With the permanent collaboration of Gianni Staropoli for the lighting, Habillé d'eau produced Studio per Attis (2002), Refettorio (2003) - Award for the specificity and originality of the language and body techniques of the 2004 Edition of the International Teatarfest of Sarajevo and winner of Movin'Up 2004, Ragazzocane (2005), a creation for the Venice Biennial, with the direction of Romeo Castellucci, awarded the Special Ubu Prize 2006. In 2006-2007 the group started the investigation into time with short-term explorations: Studio sulla percezione di un segmento temporale discrezionalmente definito, Beate, Camera.
Habillé d'eau has taken its own work to Italy, Bosnia, France and the United States.


luogo data inizio orario
Stazione Leopolda
(Spazio Alcatraz)
14/05/2008 23:30  
Stazione Leopolda
(Spazio Alcatraz)
15/05/2008 21:00