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guitar and electronics: Francesco Canavese
drums: Stefano Rapicavoli
voice: Titta Nesti
double-bass: Pietro Leveratto
sound technician: Tommaso Selvetti

in collaboration with Rex Cafè

ELETTROswing is a project resulting from the encounter between two Florentine musicians: guitarist Francesco Canavese and drummer Stefano Rapicavoli.
Their research is based on the exploration of sound, beyond the bounds of effects and the reproduction of pre-recorded bases/loops, through electronics used as a real extension of the timbre of the instruments and also as interaction with the musicians by means of processing the sounds produced in real time.
The group offers a repertory of pieces from the history of jazz and from the American tradition that are well-known even to less expert audiences; the pieces are revisited and intentionally disordered on this occasion by the exchange among voice, guitar, double-bass, drums and computer.
Francesco Canavese can boast collaboration with artists such as Uri Caine, Jim Black, Stefano Bollani and Virgilio Sieni, and works permanently at the Tempo Reale Centre of Florence; drummer and percussionist Stefano Rapicavoli has varied experience both in classic music and in jazz. Together with these artists, there are two exceptional "improvisers" who require no presentation: the double-bass player Pietro Leveratto and the vocalist Titta Nesti.

luogo data inizio orario
Stazione Leopolda
(Sala Musica)
13/05/2008 23:00