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Each living organism has a DNA. Cuba's DNA is called José Martí. Martí is the Dante, the Mazzini and the martyr of Cuba, all in one. Martí lived only 42 years, yet left a literary opus that amounted to about forty volumes in the critical edition. Imprisoned by the Spanish at the early age of 16 and then sent into exile, between 1892 and 1895 Martí founded and guided the Cuban Revolutionary Party: he is el Apostol and el Héroe nacional par excellence.

Unlike Mazzini, Martí fought in the front line, falling under Spanish fire on May 19 1895. Martí dominates Cuba - he is el Apostol and  el Héroe nacional par excellence.
Essential for an understanding of Cuba's past and future, his is also a message of primary geopolitcal importance.

Luigi Lombardi Vallauri
From 1970 he was the Professor of Legal Philosophy at the University of Florence. From 1976 to 1998 he taught at the Catholic University of Milan, from which he was dismissed for heterodoxy. From 1973 to 1977 he was Director of the Institute for Legal Documentation at the CNR in Florence. From 1996 to 2000 he was President of the Italian Society for Legal and Political Philosophy.
His studies span a wide range of historical, theoretical and philosophic-legal subjects. He has published numerous works including Terre. Terra del Nulla, Terra degli Uomini, Terra dell'Oltre (1989), Logos dell'Essere, Logos della Norma (1999) and Nera Luce (2001).  These are profound studies of the fundamentals of general and religious philosophy. He lays the foundations of a carefully considered and practiced mysticism which lies at the intersection between eastern spirituality and western science/art. In 1979 he set up, and continues to lead, meditation groups that explore the possibility of a contemplative life commensurate with modern knowledge.


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