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Stefano Isola: bass clarinet, soprano sax
Filippo Pedol: double-bass
Francesco Dillon: cello

Augusto Forti: clarinet
Larry Fishkind: tuba
Han Bennink: drum

From the Seventies on, Florence and Amsterdam have been enlivened by artists who have created a fruitful reciprocal exchange through an on-going ebb and flow between the two countries.
A concert with the stars of international jazz, starting out from the Dutch scene or influenced by it, come together for the occasion in a totally new double trio.
Not to be missed are the improvisations played by Augusto Forti, the Florentine clarinettist now in Holland, Larry Fishkind, one of the first tuba improvisers on the European scene, and the legendary drummer  Han Bennink, a real theatrical pioneer. The "organised free sound" of the Florentine trio Isola/Dillon/Pedol completes the evening.

The performance is also part of the programme of the 2nd edition of Olandiamo?, festival of Dutch arts and creativity, organized by the Dutch University Institute for Art History in Florence (NIKI) and the Cultural Office of the Netherlands Embassy in Rome, on the occasion of the 50 years of the activity of the Institute. 



place start date time
Stazione Leopolda
(Sala Musica)
09/05/2008 21:30