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Tempo Reale/Musical encounters
Florence - RAI/Studio C, 10th May, h 5pm
Christian Zanési (GRM, Paris)
Electro acoustic music news
Music by Carinola, Groult, Zanési

Tempo Reale/Musical encounters
Florence - RAI/Studio C, 17th May, h 5pm
Daniel Teruggi (GRM, Paris)
The novelty of concrete music
Music by Ferrari, Malec, Schaeffer/Henry, Teruggi

It is sixty years since Pierre Schaeffer started "musique concrète" in Paris. Does it make any sense to go on speaking of concrete music today? Who are the composers who perform it? A reply to these two questions comes from the two musical encounters of Tempo Reale, encounters headed by two important composers from the GRM of Paris, the institution founded by Schaeffer himself. Christian Zanési and Daniel Teruggi will lead the listeners in a journey through the present day and the history of a musical genre which has had no mean influence on contemporary languages. Two kinds of historical and present-day sound experiences are therefore compared in a technological-musical context that is particularly refined, the Studio C of the RAI in Tuscany.

a project within 
Festival di nuova musica
promoted by the French Embassy in Italy
and Culturesfrance
with the support of the Fondazione Nuovi Mecenati

(the image is the preliminary photo for Ringing the Museum, 2008 by Ruth Sacks)

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Sede RAI 17/05/2008 17:00