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Company Blu Danza
COME rifugio delle analogie
Footholds, concatenations, analogies that we recognize in dance gestures to approach what is still unexpressed and unexpected, that permits us to be on the same page and create a sort of refuge.
The performance’s aesthetic line is an extemporary composition, an improvisation where every encounter between public and performer gives life to a new context. If we try to apply rules, every moment of the performance will have its own, even when presenting aspects of reasonable affinity.

COME is a performance in which analogy becomes an illogical procedure.
We constantly depart from that which we know to open ourselves to that which is new and unexpressed. Through a process of comparison little by little the new appears as is similarly so with dance or music languages. The context comes about through adequate answers of recognition as we gain a foothold of something; it can be a movement, a sound, and an expression that activates the communication.

dance, voice: Charlotte Zerbey, Stefano Questorio,
Alessandro Certini, Claudia Catarzi
live music: Spartaco Cortesi
lighting: Vincenzo Alterini

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Spazio performance
08/05/2012 20:30