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The destinies of the migrants become a metaphor for a shared condition in the project CLAN+DESTINI which involves one hundred North African refugees on the stage of the Stazione Leopolda.

The landings of refugees on our coasts and the conflicting views expressed by the policy on a crucial issue that already strongly characterizes the third millennium, leads Giancarlo Cauteruccio to a double identification: as an emigrant, moved more than thirty years ago from Calabria to Tuscany and as a stowaway as every artist should be, responding to the need to become foreign in order to spread unconventional views of the reality.
Impressed by the gravity of the emergency, the issues of social conscience and the testimony of civility that Region Tuscany is giving (and that has become a model for actions at national level) the director feels the need that also theatre and art face with this new critical situation. Thus, from a collaboration with Fabbrica Europa and ARCI Toscana, the idea of a performance in which the protagonists will be about a hundred refugees from Africa who are housed in various reception centres of the Tuscan territory.
Cauteruccio is convinced that art must spring from the search for a deep meaning, be it aesthetic, poetic or linguistic; and this is the way in which he has always worked, without shirking the possibilities opened up by the poetry, the gaze, the body, and penetrating in new areas of analysis of the contemporary phenomena.
Clan+Destini originates from these considerations, summarizing in the title the sensibility to a shared condition and eliminating the undertone of  illegality contained in the word, focussing on the contrary on Destini (Destinies), the Destinies of these today's migrants we must learn to feel close.

At the entrance to the performance space you will be invited to make a money donation to the participating refugees.

A project conceived and directed by Giancarlo Cauteruccio
textes: Derek Walcott, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Roberto Carifi
with Giancarlo Cauteruccio and Frida Vannini
and the participation of 100 refugees
original music: Stefano Muscaritolo, Paola Samoggia,
Gianluca Verlingieri
space and lights: Loris Giancola
video elaboration: artmedia studio

The performance is realised with the support of
Regione Toscana - Assessorato alla Cultura and
Provincia di Firenze
With the collaboration of ARCI/progetto SPRAR and Centro Polifunzionale di Firenze
Under the patronage of Comune di Firenze and Comune di Scandicci

luogo data inizio orario
Stazione Leopolda
(Sala Teatro Danza)
28/05/2011 21:00