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Fabbrica europa


Festival internazionale della scena contemporanea
Florence, 3 > 13 May

Stazione Leopolda and other spaces

Art mobility

For the XIX edition the International Festival of contemporary stage arts Fabbrica Europa presents a particularly varied and complex programme with many national premières and original creations, among which the opening show OEDIPUS/BÊT NOIR by Wim Vandekeybus at Teatro della Pergola of Florence (3rd May, h 21.15).
From its catalyzing historical centre, the Stazione Leopolda, it will stretch out across the city of Florence with events in other spaces and performing actions which will involve squares, streets, Renaissance corners and urban crossroads.
The objective is to bring alive a real map of the contemporary scenario in order to involve and spread cultural action not only to the wide public of the Festival, but also to the still wider "man-in-the-street" population, not habitually in touch with the languages of art.  (See all the programme on CALENDAR)
Thus, at Stazione Leopolda the public will have the possibility to discover the most recent and interesting international and national contemporary expressions of dance, music, theatre as well as visual arts and multimedia.
The project POST ELETTRONICA investigates territories of "post-electronic" experimentation revealing Cage's contemporary inheritance and presenting installations and performances by artists who share a dramatic and gestural use of new technologies.  

Parallel paths with events and performances of recognized and emerging artists will mark the coordinates of a creative geography of the city, under the sign of  the concept of the mobility of art, indicating  movement, transit, journey, both across nations (among, but not restricted to, European countries) and across cultures (through meetings and exchanges among different identities), but also across time and generations (focusing particularly on the relationship between the Masters and the young).