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Fabbrica europa

Festival 2009

Fabbrica Europa 2009 - XVI edition
Europa <-> Mediterraneo <-> Americhe
Florence, Stazione Leopolda and other spaces
5 > 23 may 2009

artistic direction
Maurizia Settembri, dance and multimedia
Roberto Bacci, theatre
Lorenzo Pallini, music

Fabbrica Europa 2009 edition pursues and enlarges on the themes of the 2008 edition:  focus is still on intercultural contemporary exchange in the creative sphere, working on the links existing between Europe<->Mediterranean<->America.
Common roots, encounters and clashes, exchanges and more or less involuntary migrations, meaningful syntheses on the now multi-layered artistic and cultural production plan.
A wide overview of important European artists and groups, and a series of events and projects involving artists from Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Mexico: this is the scenario of an investigation into the intercultural dialogue made possible by art in its deepest sense, when it becomes the bearer of new identities: these protagonists express themselves in vitally original and complex languages, procedures and products, deeply rooted in confrontation and synthesis of their various original cultures.
Particular attention in this context goes to those artists who have accepted the promising and unavoidable challenge posed by today's technologies, ever more part of languages, ever more able to support the creativity of those who choose to confront the new expressive and communicative procedures offered by science and technology rather than shutting themselves up in a no-thoroughfare of creative repetition.
With a rich span of dance, music and theatrical events, installations, workshops and meetings between artists and professionals, from more than 20 countries, Fabbrica Europa offers new space for creation, thought and vision, opening up new paths for the interpretation of our present and for the cultivation of our past, whilst sharing with today's artists a creative viewpoint for tomorrow.

This work programme has been funded with the support from the European Commission.

 Fabbrica Europa_Programme 2009