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Dewey Dell

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“Grave” is an Italian word which indicates something that has a weight, that is subject to the force of gravity.
The movement of this performance is about the sensation of a precipitating body, the slowness of its gestures while gravity makes it crashing to the ground, at a stratospheric speed.
The movement is firm in the speed.
A motionless moment inside the speed of a body which knows it’s going to crash to the ground.

Dewey Dell (the name is a tribute to Faulkner and to the young girl of “As I lay dying”) was formed in 2007 by four young people: Teodora Castellucci, Demetrio Castellucci, Agata Castellucci and Eugenio Resta. The four founders of the company have grown up artistically, sharing the important formative experience of the Stoa, the School for the rhythmic movement based in Cesena, Italy. Teodora, Agata, Eugenio and Demetrio have strong skills in different areas. This took each of them to give priority to a specific aspect of the work, without giving up a collective modeling of materials.
Teodora is therefore author of choreographies and costumes, Demetrio composes the music, Eugenio designs the lights and takes care of the technical aspects of production, while Agata is the dancer, an ideal example of the presence on stage that the company researches.

concept: Agata, Demetrio, Teodora Castellucci, Eugenio Resta
with: Teodora Castellucci, Agata Castellucci
and Laura Crema, Irene Fiorentini,  Lisa Giannelli,
Lisa Greco, Lucia Guarino, Sabrina  Mazzuoli,  
Olimpia Merciai, Laura Montanari, Sara Moscardini, 
Lucrezia Palandri, Francesca Pellegrini, Francesca Valeri
choreography: Teodora Castellucci
original music: Demetrio Castellucci
lights: Eugenio Resta
realization of costumes: Chiara Bocchini, Carmen Castellucci,
Daniela Fabbri

realization of drawing: Clio Casadei
production: Dewey Dell / Fies Factory
coproduction: Centrale Fies, NEXT Festival, Eurometropolis Lille – Kortrijk – Tournai + Valencienne, Rencontres Chorégraphiques de Seine-Saint-Denis, Fondazione Fabbrica Europa
in collaboration with: AMAT per Civitanova Danza
Dewey Dell is part of the project Fies Factory
a special thanks to: Clàudia Tatinge Nascimento and people of the Dark

[photo Demetrio Castellucci]

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05/05/2012 20:00