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interdisciplinary project

Repositioning Choreography in Contemporary Arts Practice
Events, Works and Installations

A site specific project co-curated by Tony Thatcher, Head of Choreography at Trinity Laban of London, and artist/producer Mariana Lucia Marquez

Tony Thatcher and Mariana Lucia Marquez have curated a creative grouping of professional performance installation works that include pieces from emerging professionals and recently graduated students of Trinity Laban. They would like to acknowledge the support of Trinity Laban and OAC. 
The event as a whole proposes seeing performance and choreography as part of a wider interdisciplinary cultural space, where choreography in particular attempts to avoid the standard contexts in which dance is presumed to be seen and performed.

Performances by OAC

Broken Symmetric 2 :: dance
choreographer: Pia Fodinger (OAC Collective)
composer: John Adams
performance: Pia Fodinger, Martina Francone,
Hrafnhildur Einarsdottir
costumes: Francesca Zambernardi
and Aurora Damanti
lighting design: Vincent Field

This piece is an exploration of upper body motion, investigating the emotional theme of the words “fighting through” with courage to be your-self. One important key-element in this work is - being in the moment! The performer’s aim is to let the physical effect of the motion take them on a
personal performance journey in which immediate coping with in a set framework of a score allows the performer to deal with known, conscious as well as unconscious elements with in their moment of performance. Situations in our lives when certain restrictions can create inner courage and
strengths, which suddenly turns these restricted situations into a tool for more personal freedom.

Aukelien/Two minus one :: dance and live music
choreography: Martina Francone, Hrafnhildur Einarsdottir
(OAC Collective)
with support from Tony Thatcher
sound: composition by Simone Tecla
performers: Martina Francone, Hrafnhildur Einarsdottir
musician: Davide Woods
costumes: Francesca Zambernardi and Aurora Damanti
lighting design: Vincent Field

Aukelien/Two minus one explores the boundaries between restriction and freedom of movement, within space and time, throughout a movement score. The starting point is the artists’ interest in the body language of the Dutch saxophonist Aukelien Kleinpenning, while playing Le Frêne égaré
by Francois Rossé. Inspired by her performance, the choreographers created a movement score, focusing on the use of breath, arm gestures, repetitions and upper body motion. The experience of time is a key feature of the piece, diversely perceived from the audience and the performers.

Nomai :: dance and live music
choreographer: Martina Francone (OAC Collective)
composer: Morton Feldman
performers: Martina Francone, Hrafnhildur Einarsdottir
piano: Jonathan Clark
lighting design: Vincent Field

Nomai is a minimalist piece that explores energy in relationships and investigates closeness and distance on a physical, mental and sensory level. Inspired by the work of Gerhard Richter, Nomai works composes images and blurs them, creating ambiguity and avoiding imposing a meaning.
The space, used in a formal and linear manner and the perception of time are the core of the exploration: the pace of the piece wants to give the audience time to immerse themselves in the images and the attitude of the performers welcomes the spectators into the work. Nomai is a sensitive and revealing piece, characterized by a special energy that vibrates throughout its length.

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06/05/2012 22:30