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Anna Huber compagnie

At the interface of performing and fine arts, perpetually in friction between abstraction and emotion, Anna Huber's work researches the artistic possibilities of dance as a language of form in need of constant questioning. Human movement in its complex simplicity is an experimental field in which the perception of space and time are constantly changing. Their fleeting nature allows for borderline experience and irritation.

An essential element of Anna Huber's artistic research is improvisation with live-musicians, their sounds and rhythms, space and the body. Movement, sound, interaction and friction are created directly in the here and now, in a dialogue with space, the surroundings and the public.
Anna Huber performs with her long-term artistic partner Martin Schütz. The artists tread on uncharted terrain. There are no agreements. The only thing determined is where and when a common performance happens.

dance: Anna Huber
music: Martin Schütz
production: annahuber.compagnie.
The annahuber.compagnie. is supported by Kultur Stadt Bern,
Amt für Kultur des Kantons Bern, Pro Helvetia Swiss Arts Council

After her dance studies in Zürich Anna Huber worked with different choreographers and directors in Switzerland, Austria and Germany, and most recently with Jo Fabian and Helena Waldmann. 1989 - 2007 she has been living and working in Berlin, where she developed numerous solos, duets and ensemble works, as well as site-specific projects, which she is performing internationally. Since 2007 Anna Huber is artist in residence at the Dampfzentrale Bern and has been generously supported by KulturStadtBern, SWISSLOS/Amt für Kultur Kanton Bern as well as Pro Helvetia Swiss Arts Council.
In 2002 she is awarded the Hans Reinhart-Ring and in 2010 the Swiss Dance-and Choreography Award.

[photo Bettina Stöß]

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