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Theresa Wong

O Horizon is an improvised performance in which Wong invites members of the audience to bring objects of any kind (common or otherwise) as instruments for her sound making. She will combine these objects along with cello and voice to perform a ritual that brings awareness into the sensual microcosm of everyday materials while tapping into the fantastic qualities within them. O Horizon refers to the layer of a forest floor where decomposition occurs. In this nutrient rich area, fallen materials are transformed into new ones, undergoing a slow yet powerful process of metamorphosis.

Theresa Wong is a cellist, vocalist, composer and improviser whose work encompasses music, theater and the visual arts. Her training in classical music and design fused during a fellowship at Fabrica Center in Treviso, Italy where she recognized the possibility of creative performance through improvisation and the synergy of multiple disciplines. Bridging areas of musical and visual expression, Wong seeks to find the opportunity for transformation in each work for both the artist and receiver alike. Her collaborators include Fred Frith, Luciano Chessa, Carla Kihlstedt, Ellen Fullman and dance pioneer Anna Halprin. Wong has performed throughout the United States, Europe and Japan and shared her work at various universities, including CalArts, New England Conservatory and Mills College (where she completed an MFA). She currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area.

curated by Valentina Gensini and Letizia Renzini

In tribute to John Cage, the project POST ELETTRONICA investigates territories of "post-electronic" experimentation revealing Cage's contemporary inheritance and presenting artists who share a dramatic and gestural use of new technologies. Hybrid works that combine music, video, performance, sculpture, sound, noise become vocabularies of a composite language in which the management of advanced software is combined with the artifact in an attempt to dissolve the conceptual approach towards the involvement of the viewer.

[photo: David Gerhardt, from Burrow: installation by Carole Kim]

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03/05/2012 22:00