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Les Trois Baudets
Nicolas Jules
Maud Lübeck
Maurizio Geri


Les Trois Baudets

The title of the evening evokes a historical place of song and cabaret in Paris. Les Trois Baudets, a small theatre that is a few steps from the Moulin Rouge, in the time it was in fact a point of reference and a springboard for musicians such as Jacques Brel. And it is precisely in the wake of that atmosphere that Suona Francese proposes three artists who maintain a tract strongly tied to the French tradition beyond, although perfectly adapted to today.

This is shown first though the theatrical style and provocative humour of the singer and guitarist Nicolas Jules, who proposes songs in which the importance of the texts is well balanced with the care of the compositions, arranged in an essential way, with electrified riffs, sketches and word games.
More sensitive and romantic the poetics of the singer/songwriter and pianist Maud Lübeck. Her words are complex and behind the pleasant and sweet melody often hidden deep meanings with refined musical structures.

Beside the two French artists, the Italian composer, guitar player and singer Maurizio Geri, whose first experience was related to the revival of the folk tradition from the Pistoia Apennines. His guitar style merges elements drawn from the Mediterranean folk tradition with the swing-manouche improvisation.

in collaboration with Suona Francese - Festival di musica attuale

The concert is part of the events of Festival d'Europa and of La Notte Blu.

[photo 3 Paola Gravina]

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Istituto Francese 07/05/2011 20:00