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MUV Preview
Sebastian Mullaert
Jesper Dahlback

MUV – music and digital art festival

Sebastian Mullaert (Minilogue)
 - dj set
Sebastian Mullaert is probably most famous for his recent success with his Minilogue alias, releasing the album Animals on Cocoon Recordings last year. During the last years he's been touring heavily around the globe both as live performer with Minilogue and as a dj under his own name. He have also been producing music under the name IMPS, Son Kite and Ooze.
As a dj Sebastian is working all over the place mixing everything from dub, jazz and beats thru ambient and electronica up to techno and house in various forms. The musical direction of his sets is of course depending on place and time, night time at the club, daytime at a mountain festival or at an art exhibition sounds dramatically different. The red line through Sebastian's dj set is the aim of storytelling and building, this is also why his set's rarely is shorter than 4 hours and most often much longer ... His favorite set starts when the club or party open, building the music from nothing up to the sweaty smoky time of the night.

Jesper Dahlback
-  dj set 
Jesper Dahlback is one of Sweden’s leading dj/producers with a lengthy back catalogue to his name. Recent productions include collaborations with Alexi Delano, Jori Hulkkonen, Tiga, Adam Beyer as well as remixes for the likes of Rex the Dog, Zoo Brazil, Arnaud Rebotini of Black Strobe, Thomas P Heckman, Pan Pot, Len Faki. Production also ranges into Tiga remixes of Depeche Mode, The Prodigy and LCD Soundsytem as well as remixes of Robyn and The Knife together with his cousin John.
Jesper describes his sound as “ranging between the analogue sounds of the roland sh101 and the precision mathematics of my computer. I’m a researcher and developer of unheard sounds!”
Jesper is now also running his new label called International Sound Laboratory or just ISL.

- visual
Leonardo Pugi, aka vj LP, is one of the new talents of the visual art made in Florence. His style is lively and bizarre and focuses primarily on plays of light and color. In his brief but prolific career he already took part in festivals such as Nextech, StreamFest, LPM and MUV.

a MUV and Fabbrica Europa collaboration

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