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Sioned Huws

This duet is part of Aomori Project, an ongoing performance and research project developed by Welsh choreographer Sioned Huws since 2008, with dancers, musicians and singers from Japan and Europe.

Aomori is a prefecture of Japan in the region of Tsugaru, at the Northern most tip of Honshu Island, with snow covered winters. The repetitive silent snowfall has no compassion; in these extreme situations the body adapts to the environment to be able to endure these arctic conditions.

Japanese dancer Reina Kimura first came to Europe for Aomori Project 2008; in this continuing collaborative processes with Sioned Huws, they push and test the capacity of a dancers movement memory, where choreography is balanced on a fine line, that is the fine line of order, which can easily tip into chaos.
Repetition always poses a threat of disorientation; counting beat or pulse is a devised system of survival. Over a duration of physical endurance, repetition becomes an emotive containment.

Aomori Project has been developed between Aomori and Tokyo, in collaboration with dancers - Reina Kimura and Yoshiya Ishikawa; musicians - Yuji Hasegawa and Yushin Hasegawa and minyo singer Kiyoko Goto.

concept and choreography: Sioned Huws
performed by Sioned Huws and Reina Kimura

Tour and publication supported by:
Wales Arts International, Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation, Chapter, Joshibi University of Art & Design, Tokyo, Ty Newydd, Translators House Wales and Wales Literature Exchange. 

Made possible with funding from:
The Saison Foundation + EU Japan Fest Japan Committee, Wales Arts International, Arts Council of Wales, The National Lottery Wales, Welsh Assembly, The Daiwa Anglo Japanese Foundation, Japan Foundation and Morishita Studios, Tokyo

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