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Compagnia Luisa Cortesi
Residency project

Movement and live music. Play to.
A music reprise appears as a proposition in a written word that is sound, quick, resounding, "BoyToy ToyBoy," as if it was just behind the head of a distraught woman. As if it was a bright display. The musical composition is by the american composer Eve Beglarian.
A music as an image, as a manifesto, the background and the soundtrack of a choreographic language that is refracted in a mirror game between reality and fantasy, between drawing and animation. As if this woman was acting in the background reflection of a city and across the streets, through the windows, the spectra of those moments and gestures of everyday life are refracted. A pop inspired image mixes together with minimal repetition and objectivity and repeats itself every time and for each repetition.
A body charged with gestures and feminine sense. Inside the variations of the same music track, the movement lays down on the interstices of rhythm, it speeds up and slows down, it escapes and chases the time.
The body, its image and its making are central to the study of movement. Each time the body shifts, repetitive like everyday life gestures. To enact changes and opportunity, to play, to breathe, to exagerate to start again each time, until ceasing.
This work continues a research over the past two years about the repetition and the transformation of everyday gesture and on the representation and construction of visual object scores and rhythms.

Play to... is currently a work in progress. The first stage of the work has been showed at Teatro Studio in Scandicci, Florence, as a dynamic sketch of physical scores outlines on the track of the composer Eve Beglarian. During the second phase, presented at Contemporanea Festival in Prato, the accumulation of movements composition has been presented in a visual and installative set with the collaboration of Emilio Cavallini, who has created an original stage costume, and with the bright letters by Eva Sgrò. In the present and next period, the work is about rhythmical arragement of the previous dynamic ideas of movement with close relationship to a live version of the composition by Eve Beglarian.

by and with Luisa Cortesi
music: BoyToy/ToyBoy by Eve Beglarian
original costume: Emilio Cavallini
light design: Marco Santambrogio
set: Eva Sgrò
production: Compagnia Luisa Cortesi
coproduction: CAB 008, Fabbrica Europa

luogo data inizio orario
11/05/2012 16:00