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Company Blu Danza
BIRDING (Animal Art)

A culture that delivered to the flight of birds the reading of their future seemed to resolve with instinctive and extraordinary lightness every unpredictable and troubled relationship with reality.
A wise and sacred balance between civilization and the natural world of which we may still reflect on today, glancing poetically at serene places where cliches becomes immediate perception, reflecting presence.
Birding is the first part of the project Animal Art, which focuses on instinctual creativity and the secret of life forms in nature. The choreography comes fourth from a mainly physical and sensorial experience, of the observation of birds and their songs.
Understanding through physical experience the attrubutes of our feathered friends is indeed difficult, however we may enhance our perceptions symbolically. The piece is a purely artistic attempt to investigate the issue of separation, of detachment, as part of flight and its difference through ritual and imagination.
It is a process of separation, a stepping away from and trying to touch or at least evoke a different dimension, parallel and unknown, beyond, yet surprisingly close, and to which in hindsight connects the wings of life to the innate nature of things.

concept: Charlotte Zerbey and Alessandro Certini
dance and voice: Claudia Catarzi, Massimiliano Barachini,
Charlotte Zerbey, Alessandro Certini

music: Spartaco Cortesi
collaboration: Matteo Siracusano
light design: Leonardo Bucalossi

video: Federico Bucalossi

[photo by Michela Di Savino]

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