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Jeroen Uyttendaele

Carrier is an installation in which I’m researching methods for interacting between sound, light and space. Much like my collaboration with Plane Scape the emphasis lies on establishing a dialogue between the several elements (light, sound, movement, space) rather than synchronization of all elements.

Carrier is a mechanical and auditive choreography of rotating fm radio receivers.
The installation explores basic properties of communication technologies as a musical and spatial instrument.
The sound installation consists of 2 rotating fm radio receivers and 4 static fm transmitters broadcasting within a limited radius of a few meters. The receivers are attached to a rotating horizontal arm that is suspended on a stand 2.5 meters from the ground. The transmitters are placed around the receivers in the four corners of the space.
As the rod is turning the receivers constantly move between the electromagnetic fields created by the 4 transmitters, so that the signal they receive changes depending on which field they are in at any given moment. Each transmitter sends a different signal thus creating a constant shift in reception on the receivers.
To visualize the connection between the transmitters and receivers all modules are equipped with a flickering light. The intensity of the light is controlled by the amplitude of the signal that is either being transmitted or received at that point in space. By comparing the light on a receiver to the lights on the transmitters, the relation between the different devices and the perceived sounds can be further investigated.

Jeroen Uyttendaele is a composer, sound and media artist.
Sound as a sculptural and tangible material is the main focus of his work. This often results in audiovisual instruments, installations, sound compositions ore performances. He currently lives and works in The Hague and in Brussels.

The project is supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands / Olandiamo in Toscana.

curated by Valentina Gensini and Letizia Renzini

In tribute to John Cage, the project POST ELETTRONICA investigates territories of "post-electronic" experimentation revealing Cage’s contemporary inheritance and presenting artists who share a dramatic and gestural use of new technologies. Hybrid works that combine music, video, performance, sculpture, sound, noise become vocabularies of a composite language in which the management of advanced software is combined with the artifact in an attempt to dissolve the conceptual approach towards the involvement of the viewer.

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13/05/2012 19:00