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La verità non basta
Autoservice - Vol. IV

Toscana Factory

AttoDue / Luca Camilletti
Tropic of Capricorn by Henry Miller 

Being civil means to have complex needs.
It is terrible to be civil because when you comes to the end of the world you have nothing to support your weight, the weight of your failure to yourself. And an individual, when he's really grown up, should not need anything.
The reference book calls into question the autobiography, and is used in this show to doubt that there can be a reverse of the "writing his own life" and exploits its meaning to increase the arbitrariness of the invisible.
Autoservice is a project in ten steps, ten volumes.
It's a body shop.
More or less classic works of literature, by more or less well known authors, are crossed for short periods of working time on stage to be withdrawn from any source and doped with what remains of the theatre.
Luca Camilletti

project, realisation, direction: Luca Camilletti
with: Tessa Baldini, Pámela Bernardi, Matteo Brogini,
Francesca Campigli, Giulia Comper, Massimo Conti, Ilaria Cristini,
Anna Cudin, Anna Destefanis, Eva Viviana Di Giovanni, Emiliano Dini, Katiuscia Favilli, Ilaria Forzoni, Maria Caterina Frani, Andrea Galleni,
Elisa Godani, Beatrice Innocenti, Linda Izzo, Alessandra Maoggi,
Giulia Mannocci, Silvia Moneti, Marianna Pierozzi,
Riccardo Ruscica, Laura Salvadori, Trudy Scroppo,
Genny Steccone, Francesca Tritto, Francesca Uguzzoni
technician, optimization: Marco Santambrogio
production: AttoDue (Laboratorio Nove)
support: MIBAC, Regione Toscana, Sestoidee

Toscana Factory
is the new Fabbrica Europa “trademark”. With this logo we want to open again Stazione Leopolda up to the “Made in Tuscany”, enhancing local artistic realities, with the aim to create a network among them, and to promote and support them.
Toscana Factory is a work platform and also an open laboratory where to develop artistic energies in an international context.

place start date time
Stazione Leopolda
(Spazio Alcatraz)
13/05/2011 21:00