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Displace # 1
La rabbia rossa_progetto Alcatraz


Muta Imago

Displace: Move or shift from the usual position or place, in particular, force to flee the homeland.

With our project we tried to stage a rage that wants to explode, but that starts from within, from the blood, from our body displaced. We tried to build a dialogue between oppression and rebellion, between loss and reaction. So, the first performance of the project is born: La rabbia rossa.

Displace # 1 La rabbia rossa_progetto Alcatraz is a further step of this journey.
On the occasion of our participation to Fabbrica Europa we decided, in the name of the nomadic, constantly changing and evolving nature of Displace project, to develop the work to adapt it to the space that houses it, a particular, empty, silent  place that moves the gaze upwards.
A similar space required to be heard, in order to be able to live it in the best way.
So we decided to create a new part which will open the show and at the same time represents the first step of a future narrative development.
A visual and sound installation that is the beginning of a future story.
A wall, which becomes a projection surface for the fuzzy images of a memory, which seeks to retain the sign of all that was lost, before it's too late, before the time and the action of men make it collapse.
The song of a woman, from above, spreads in space: a song that is a farewell, but also a new beginning.
Muta Imago

concept: Muta Imago
direction, space and lighting: Claudia Sorace
dramaturgy and sound: Riccardo Fazi
technical assistance: Maria Elena Fusacchia, Luca Giovagnoli
costumes: Fiamma Benvignati
photos: Luigi Angelucci
management: Manuela Macaluso, Martina Merico, Maura Teofili
with: Anna Basti, Chiara Caimmi, Valia La Rocca, Cristina Rocchetti
opera singing: Ilaria Galgani
off voice: Fabiana Gabanini
production: Muta Imago 2011
with the support of: Regione Lazio – Assessorato alla cultura, Spettacolo e Sport
in collaboration with: Inteatro Polverigi; L’Arboreto – Teatro, Dimora di Mondaino; Centrale Preneste; Angelo Mai; Città di Ebla

The show is realised in the framework of the project "Focus on Art and Science in the Performing Arts" with the support of Culture Programme of the European Union.

Displace # 1 La rabbia rossa_progetto Alcatraz is part of the events of Festival d'Europa and within the programme of La Notte Blu.

luogo data inizio orario
Stazione Leopolda
(Spazio Alcatraz)
07/05/2011 21:00